Saturday, October 3, 2009

A Supposed Favorite

For this assignment we were suppose to pick a favorite piece of art which I find impossible to do because I am always discovering artists. And plus, it's hard to choose! But I recently came across this piece done by Bryan Schnelle. I have seen some of his other work with his signature black face mask over the subject of his piece. So this one is a bit different which I was glad to see. I think that Schnelle is one of those artists who can create something that appears simple but at the same time creates such an impact.
I could not find details on this piece, so I am not sure exactly what the size and medium are, though I am guessing maybe black sharpie is in there. The title is "Waiting." There is a barely clothed woman who appears to be in a state of oblivion with a bottle pressed into her lips while a cigarette lingers in her had. Her stance makes her seem like she could just float away. Nothing really seems to be making her stay in the place she is. Above her head are the words written "waiting for the shit to hit the fan." What do those words have in relation to the woman drinking below. Has the shit already hit the fan? Is she in a state of denial? Does that even matter? She doesn't seem to concerned. Are there so many of us who expect that something in their world is spiraling downward but at the same time expecting it and ignoring it.
I may be completely off in saying this but from what I get from this picture is a woman who has her demons like everyone else but is going with what she has. But at the same time I'm not satisfied with that interpretation. I guess I'll need more time to consider this piece. I'd be curious to hear other's opinions about what they think...


  1. This is a really interesting piece you chose. I don't think you're way off on what you take away from the piece, as that was my first impression as well. Getting sloshed waiting for the pain that's coming.

  2. Ooohhh! This 2nd paragraph should be what you open with. It's provocative, descriptive and edgy.
    I would end with this first paragraph…. Starting an article with so many uncertainties doesn’t give the reader a reason to continue on. Don’t be afraid to say what you see. Just say it! Have that confidence and don’t shy from what you think. Go for it. Did others add to the blog? I like this invitation to the masses to comment as well.

    Blog title: A Supposed Favorite
    It could be alluding to the dark side of life that is often seen by
    alcoholics and drug users. The slow decline of their life after wasting
    money, relationships, and so forth for that next high. It could also be
    speaking to the problem with under aged drinking. When I saw the piece I was
    immediately reminded of an old friend, several years back, who literally
    destroyed her life through alcoholism and drug use.