Monday, September 21, 2009

Mining the M.I.A. and Creating Imaginary Installation

I selected three images that introduce the viewer to three very contrasting characters. These pieces are being shown at an installation designed to mirror that of a quiet, dimly lit, and almost claustrophobic coffee shop. Each of these pieces would be set in three different corners of the coffee shop so that none of them are particularly close to the other one. Each individual piece would be positioned against the wall at a table surface height so as to allude the viewer imagine themselves also as a patron hidden in a corner of a coffee shop. The purpose of presenting these pieces at a mimic coffee shop would question the viewer how three different personalities shown in these pieces is any different from when they venture out into the world themselves. People everywhere contrast in character just as much as these three pieces seem to do. But people do not always take the time to realize or even just wonder that perhaps, just across the coffee shop is an innocent and naive girl, or a telegraph operator with questionable motives, or even a woman who seems to have plucked nearly all the hairs from her head.


  1. I thought this was a very creative way to understand the three works. Thinking about them as people in the real world helps give you an understanding to what each piece is about. The positioning of the paintings seems like a cool idea too. If you sat at each corner of the room with a different painting, you would gain a different perspective just like the people in the paintings have.

  2. You addressed the context that people should view the work (the space & tone it sets), the relationship between the viewer and the art’s position, and how it would make the viewer feel. I’d like to hear a little more about the pieces themselves – but as far as what the assignment actually asks for – I think this is just fine. You used the images to show us - but never forget to talk about their formal qualities that tie back to our feelings you want us to have via the context the work is set in.